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Chicken Breasts

  1. Tools
    1. Sharp cutting knife; fork.
    2. Large frying pan
    3. PAM
    4. cup to hold filtered water
    5. Shallow bowl to collect cooked sections; second bowl for holding uncooked chicken.
    6. Large splatter screen.

  2. Ingredients
    1. One 40 oz bag of frozen Trader Joe's chicken breasts
    2. Himalayan pink salt
    3. Ground black pepper
    4. Filtered water.

  3. Preparations, execution.
    1. Defrost the chicken. Open the bag.
    2. Let the chicken drip; collect pieces in bowl
    3. Warm the frying pan on 3. Spray with PAM.
    4. Add two chicken breasts at a time.
    5. Salt and pepper the breasts. Cook for 5 minutes. Keep covered with splatter screen.
    6. Turn the breasts over; apply salt and pepper. Cook for 5 minutes.
    7. Turn the breasts again; slice into strips.
    8. Turn onto uncooked sides. Cook 5 minutes.
    9. Turn again. Add water if the chicken starts to burn.
    10. Turn one more time. Remove strips to 'finished' bowl as they complete cooking.
    11. Start over with uncooked chicken breasts.

  4. Serve with white sauce.