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Johnny Marzetti

  1. Ingredients
    1. One pound mild Italian bulk sausage
    2. One jar Organics tomato basil pasta sauce
    3. One cup medium shells pasta
    4. One tablespoon minced garlic
    5. One large fresh green bell pepper
    6. One small raw onion
    7. Ground parmesan cheese.
    8. Olive Oil

  2. Tools
    1. Metal spatula
    2. Large frying pan with handles
    3. Matching lid for frying pan
    4. Clean cutting board.
    5. Sharp paring knife.
    6. Kitchen scissors.

  3. Preparations
    1. Remove the husk from the onion. Cut into small diced pieces.
    2. Use minced garlic from a jar, or de-husk and mince fresh garlic cloves, perhaps six.
    3. Remove the stem and seeds from the green bell pepper. Cut en dice.
    4. Remove the Italian sausage from its package.
    5. Open the jar of pasta sauce.
    6. Warm up pan at heat level 3.

  4. Cooking
    1. Fry the diced onion and garlic in olive oil until they begin to brown; at least two minutes.
    2. Add the diced bell pepper. Cook for another minute.
    3. Fry the mild Italian sausage in the onions and garlic. While doing so, cut the sausage up into small, bite-sized chunks.
    4. Stir and fry until the sausage and peppers are done enough.
    5. Add the jar of pasta sauce. Stir. Continue heating until all is hot.

  5. Bifurcate
    1. If cooking for Charlotte as well, get out a second skillet.
    2. Move half the mixture to the second skillet.
    3. Add a medium sized tin of drained pinto beans to the second skillet.
    4. Add a cooked cup of shell pasta to the first skillet.
    5. Warm both skillets until both mixtures are thoroughly warmed.
    6. Serve on plates. Add grated Parmesan if desired.
    7. A glass of merlot usually goes well with this dish, along with chilled sliced fresh bell peppers of mixed color.